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Our value proposition: optimized asset positioning
in pharma/biotech product development

emergentec provides data-driven solutions adding to informed decision making in clinical stage drug testing and preclinical development, complemented by decision support in business development, market and translational research challenges.
At the center of our e.valuation software platform: an enterprise management cockpit for optimized biomarker, drug target and drug positioning along therapeutic areas in focus.

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Recent highlights

04/2016: Drug MoA interference modeling in chemotherapy resistance - example published
03/2016: e.valuation V2.1.2 released, now holding > 3,000 phenotype and drug MoA molecular models.
11/2015: e.valuation V2.0.1b released, now holding > 2,100 phenotype molecular models.
07/2015: Integrating disease background and drug effect on a molecular process level - next example published