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superior data technologies for digital health

Human health R&D has become inherently rich in data, including extensive clinical phenotyping, large scale molecular profiling, improved treatment effect monitoring as well as assessment of external and environmental factors. Alongside, innovative data management and analytics have become pivotal: traversing complex data spaces into relevant insight and actionable results.

emergentec combines expertise in medical research and computer science for establishing superior data technologies geared toward enabling precision medicine. We develop operational environment-ready software and integrated analytics workflows for digital health R&D, pursuing proprietary technology development as well as collaborative initiatives.


our lead platform OPAi - health

Linking Observation (molecular & clinical characteristics) retrieved from Phenotypes (patients) and underlying (molecular) Architecture, in an  ntelligent fashion. Our OPAi  proprietary approach, realized as hybrid numerical/symbolic AI, leverages on big data while enforcing determinism and causality in strict categorical models. OPAi  input is time series from patient phenotyping, output is personalized prognosis and treatment response assessment.

OPAi  establishes predictive models using retrospective data, and continuously learns as new data are added. Next to improved accuracy the models allow mechanistic interpretation, being essential in health R&D.

We as part of a collaborative team recently secured a highly competitive European Union grant. The project holds OPA as conceptual basis and was top-ranked among all submissions to the call topic.

our offering

✪  We consult in design & implementation of data technologies for digital health challenges, covering data management aspects as well as analysis concepts and workflow implementation.
✪  We offer OPAi - health analytics for phenotype cohort segregation/stratification and treatment response assessment.


Conceptual design and implementation (Technology Readiness Level 9) of proprietary technology:

✪  a computational vaccinology platform; licensed to a US-based biotech enterprise

✪  a knowledge graph platform; licensed to various European academic institutions

✪  an image analysis platform; licensed to a US-based knowledge provider

✪  a digital drug R&D platform; licensed to a European biotech enterprise

Custom technology solutions and applications:

✪  Data space configurations, covering from translational research initiatives to clinical studies

✪  Analysis workflows for identification of stratification biomarkers (chronic and acute clinical conditions)

✪  Integrated in-silico/experimental processes for drug positioning/repositioning (chemicals and biologicals)

Selected public references:

✪  Concept and TRL9 implementation, digital drug R&D: e.valuation (link to video)
✪  Collaborative research initiative: SysKid (link to video)

✪  Models in drug MoA-pathology matching: review (link to article)

✪  OPAi in drug positioning. DC-ren, a H2020 project: 04/2020 press release (as pdf)



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